7 Hows My Father Gave Me.

Instead of teaches me math, he let me discover my favorite subjects and encourage me how to study not for the grade but for knowledge.

Instead of choosing my major studies, he told me how to decide based on my interests and talent.

Instead of demanding me how much I should earn, he guides me on how to save up

Instead of wanting me to be the best above my peers, he tells me how to be happy for what others achieve and congratulate them.

Instead of telling me to fight back the argument, he told me how to find the logical reasons to not fight back and calm the anger.

Instead of demanding what kind of my husband should find, he advised me how to understand the person and let myself to be understood.

Instead of telling me how much I should spend, he told me how to save up.

Instead of drawing my life path, he teaches me how to draw my own happy life.

he said your wings are meant to fly, spread your wings and learn to fly when you got the opportunities but always consider the risks. He gives me wisdom for life that money wouldn’t trade. He always got my back whenever my wings got tired and need to rest, he always is my anchor… this is true love from my parents. They let me walk on our own but they are always watching from our back. They catch us if we fall. Freedom is wisdom that parents ever hand to children. It’s beautiful to watch children grow freely on their will.

Instead of telling us to obey and pay them back, they advise us how to love our own family and be happy and mature in life.

They are our only family, love them more, love them most when we still can when they still can feel your love.



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